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Ensuring development and mass adoption of new technologies theme "ECOLOGY – IT IS PROFITABLE”.

MAIN TASK OF THE PROGRAM - combining public (society), scientific technological enterprises, organizations, individuals and the states they represent, for the purposes of:

- creation and implementation of technologies to reduce energy consumption;

- the creation of new ecologically safe and energy efficient production methods;

- mastering new technologies without waste production, but with associated production of new products;

- modernization of enterprises in order to eliminate the production of waste and reduce energy consumption;

- deep processing deposits excluding production of waste;

- reprocessing depleted deposits in the target product;

- a more complete extracting minerals;

- recreation and reliable preservation of field development of objects;

- the elimination of created technological deposits and to prevent the formation of new ones;

- the creation of technogenic waste cadastre;

- creation and implementation of regulatory policy of environmental and technological safety of society;

- implementation of social projects to ensure harmony between man and nature;

- compliance with the harmony of science, ecology and economy by the principle "ecology - it is profitable";

- implementation of the principle of "each project - its object";

- implementation of the principle of replication of new technologies throughout the territory of the Earth;

- an increase in prestige, of remuneration, knowledge and intellectual property rights of inventors and representatives of technical professions;

- monitoring and compliance copyright in the to industrial enterprises agricultural and municipal economy;

- the creation of cross-sectoral cooperation between enterprises of the interstate by a principle economic efficiency and expediency, minimize cost and environmental safety.

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We would welcome your help in editing English pages on our site.