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4. Practical implementation of the Programs.

In accordance with the strategy of development of subsector basis of the program it was to be the young generation of the country, and therefore peculiar consumer organizations from all the clubs young sailors of the country was created - "Youth Union Maritime League". Emerged task education of young generation a proselyte to face the seas, countries and societies, bringing together the seas and oceans. A friendly international relations, love of the sea and the environment, should have become the basis of the younger generation and the ideology base a new yachts sub-sector of the consumer market.

For competent handling sailing by means it has been developed and been released training program helmsmen and captains. Education program taught by naval officers in created on the basis of the Club of young seamen of Kiev "School of yacht captains and helmsmen".

In order to popularize of sailing were carried constant fees and meeting yacht country's builders, fees and hikes for young sailors. In the spring of the feast day of Kiev it was initiated and funded by the annual city holiday "Boat Show" and a sailing regatta in the city.

The main architectural and planning management of Kiev has been agreed of construction yacht building location of the Centre.

Centre of the Ministry of Shipbuilding Shipbuilding Industry of the USSR created its own design bureau developing commercially suitable design documentation.

Were created and worked to develop new research directions sailing fabrics, sailing and yacht profiles. New fabrics and sails made, used and sold.

Design Bureau in parallel with the development of yachts of various projects and displacement hull material has been developed deck equipment, including tooling of production.

Without public funding, exclusively through credit and equity for the manufacture of 2 years unfolded and carried out more than 15 production areas of northern and southern groups of plants. Among them are such as:

In the workshops of the central of repair of unfinished Crimean nuclear power plant (2400 sq m, centre boarder "The Moth", plastic housing yachts "Sailex 18"..); manufacture amphibious hovercraft Feodosia by "The Sea" (yacht "Sailex 18" duralumin alloy, " Sailex 18" Plastic Enclosures); at the Feodosia parachuting plant (tail wind sail - spinnakers); on the basis of fighter carrier-based aircraft of repair wp 42894 Yevpatoriya (yachts housing from wood and plastic sandwich " Sailex 22", "43 Sailex "); factory production of tankers "Bay" Kerch (metal housing yachts " Sailex 47"); in Branch plant manufacturing the rocket "pencil cases" "Artem" under the Vishnevoe Kiev (duralumin alloy yachts " Sailex 18"); Plant "VOENOHOT number 5", Kiev (rigging blocks); on 3 areas of rented production Kiev (sendvichevye yachts " Sailex 22" housing); sailing workshop in Kiev; in KiivZNIEP (masting - mast profiles); design bureau (CB) of the Institute of Chemistry of high-molecular compounds (sailing calendered tissues); CB "Lenin's smithy" in Kiev (design of the project 02160 ships to the Soviet Peace Fund, a schooner for the admiral and commander of rescue service in Finland); the factory "Diamond" in Leningrad (preparatory work of construction vessel 02160); at the plant "Pela" at Leningrad (modernization dinghy "Onega" and "Neva" yachts); in Irkutsk (Charpy yacht "Irbis 28").

Yachts were exported and sold domestically.

A large part of the design documentation was saved. She now can be used to start building sub-sector of shipbuilding - Yachts building Ukraine.

We need political will, adequate her decisions and actions.

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