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Scientific and technological cooperation.

Framework technology starter package Project proposals Program basically - new superposition of the existing technological processes, which have long been working in the industry, but have in their composition a number of "know-how", new ideas to create alternative reactors, devices and mechanisms that will make a qualitative positive changes in dynamic processes. On the base of the starting technology we are already seeing a great many development of new technologies, we have not yet been published.

Can you imagine what the variety of new technologies can be created at your participation? Moreover, apart from starter package technology vocation Program is the consideration of new Project proposals. The world is much more diverse than are by its authors starter package.

Waiting for you at any stage of the development of the Program.

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The basic ideology of the Programme is to increase the prestige of intellectual labour and the transformation of the authors of an intangible asset to the material assets of the enterprise.

One possible scientific and technological cooperation is uniting of interests in meeting the challenges of various programs and projects at the level of the already created sources of funding. A striking example of the common interests of our programs can be a Program "Horizon2020".

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Join us.Take part in the Program.

We would welcome your help in editing English pages on our site.

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