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Join us.Take part in the Program. of waste sulfuric acid (RWSA).

Preliminary assessment of world volume soleplate waste is over 3 billion tons, and the of their conservation the area of - hundreds of square kilometers.

By the sulfate wastes can be attributed waste:

- metallurgy - a pickling solution containing of ferrous oxide FeSO4 (16-23%) and H2SO4 (8-15%);

titanium dioxide - FeSO4 (3-7,5%) and H2SO4 (10-20%).

The market value green vitriol (sulfate of nitrous - ferrous iron) FeSO4 - $ 30-120 / t, and ferric soleplate Fe2(SO4)3 - around $ 1,000 / t.

The market value of chlorine - about $ 300 / tonne, potassium sulphate - about $ 850 / ton, ammonium sulphate - about $ 150 / t, manganese dioxide - about $ 2,000 / ton. The market value of the received "mature products" indicative, can vary even in the times, but it will not change the fundamental economic feasibility of recycling of waste sulfuric acid in commercial products.

From an economic point of view, in the first stage of introduction of new technologies is expedient perform a theoretical and practical works on the following topics. The general concept of processing of waste sulfuric acid (hereinafter - RWSA). Environmental impact on environment and energy costs. Competitive environment. Market and its prospects. Environmental and technological evaluation RWSA directions. Development of baseline data for the design and development of reactor equipment of technological conversion (processes) RWSA:

…………………. Collection and elaboration of initial data for the design of technology RWSA in general.

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