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We believe that the principle of national funding for the Programme at the initial stage of its development, is the most appropriate and effective. We are focused on success. The possibility of obtaining remuneration for the sponsorship, most likely. Therefore, we choose the form of crowdfunding - crowdinvesting.

In 2008, Barack Obama is only at the stage of preliminary elections gathered small fee of about $272 million with more than two million people. Our annual requirement for the maintenance of international programs in 136 times less, and social importance of not lower.

Participation in crowdinvesting Program can take any person on his own behest of the soul and heart direct transfer of money to the Fund Program.

We invite you donate all those who are close to the ideas and objectives of the Program, who are concerned about the future, who are willing to spend without regret part of the funds to the introduction of new technology directions "ECOLOGY - it is profitable".

Your financial involvement is accepted, in any case, on the fact of receipt of funds on account of the Fund Program.

You yourself are reglamentiruete anonymity contribution, and the volume of the personal data which are ready to to make public on the Program website.

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Join us.Take part in the Program.

We would welcome your help in editing English pages on our site.