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Modern agriculture, medicine, industry, without the use of phosphorus can not exist.

Expected global consumption volume of phosphorus (as P2O5) in 2015 was about 45 million tons, and therefore the production of technogenic waste phosphogypsum - from 225 million tonnes per year. Besides technical gypsum as a waste product, is formed and ejected into technological processes of black, non-ferrous metallurgy, thermal power stations from a scrubbers. Therefore, we the word "phosphogypsum" will be used as a generalization of any technological production waste - gypsum.

Billions of tons of technogenic waste are under the open sky in the mines if discharged to into water bodies, negatively affects the environment.

In the world technogenic waste for recycling charge a fee, which increases the cost of production of phosphoric acid.

We propose to use gypsum for the production of technological origin of commercial products of potassium sulphate and calcium chloride with the yield of up to $ 600 per ton of phosphogypsum. Possible additional revenue of several hundred dollars per ton, resulting from the sale of concentrate of rare earth elements (REE), will be a bonus. The general concept of processing phosphogypsum (hereinafter - PF). Environmental impact on the environment and energy costs. Competitive environment. Market and its prospects. Environmental and technological assessment of directions the PF as of the conversion process of a technogenic waste into the secondary raw material base, the method desulfurization of technological bearers (liquids and gases). Development of baseline data for the design, development of reactor equipment technological conversion (process) PF:

…………………… Collection and elaboration of baseline data for the design of PF technology in general.

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