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5. reate a Project 02160 - flagship of the Program "WIND OF CHANGE".

For the first time in the entire history of development of countries that were part of USSR by the Soviet Peace Fund Center yacht building of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of USSR was given the order for project development and construction of a sailing vessel - flagship programs. Participation in international programs of education of children under the sails on the its own built vessels was considered the basis of the end of the policy of the Cold War and the beginning of a new era in international relations.

Counterparty development documentation for a sailing ship Yachts building the Centre was chosen CDB "Lenin's smithy", chief designer of of the project - Olesov Nikolai Mikhailovich. After hard work and not a mere protection of the full technical project, he was assigned to the register number 02160. Main project expenses were paid by the Center yacht building, which became its owner.

Pre-planned construction of the ship at the "Diamond" in Leningrad, and then - at the plant "Lenin's smithy" in g Kiev. The technical design includes a full-depth calculation of cost and labor intensity construction of ships. Options for charter and cruise ships, offering their use in a complex with hotels afloat in exotic corners of Oceania, substantiated the prospect of sustainable tourism business.

By that time in Poland has already taken place of a similar descent, only a 2-fold smaller on the water vessel. The project was embodied Sigmund Khorena proprietress the company «DORA» Dorothy Jacobson at the naval base in Szczecin, in the presence of of intergovernmental delegations and representatives of big business. Launching of the "naked" housing occurred at night, and very early in the morning sake of the great ideas of peace and nurturing Polish youth in peace and harmony with the developed countries of the world, "Iskra" ship held a ceremony of donation of funds and equipment for the completion of launched on vessel "Frederick Chopin". Thus a country which been in dire economic straits, planned and has confirmed its commitment to new standards of living.

Already after 2 years of yacht building work the Centre has become a recognized international partners to, the first orders started coming in, such as the schooner for the admiral and chief of the rescue service in Finland.

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