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1.1. Small-medium Capacity Plant for Producing Industrial Paints and Coatings turnkey project

What we offer

• Technology for producing high quality industrial paints and enamels of almost any type (epoxy, acryl, polyurethane etc)

• Turnkey project for creation of small-medium capacity paint production plant (up to 600 tons / year)

• Complete support and consultation for running facility and training personnel.

Types of paints /enamels by application

Oil and gas industry


Marine industry

Special purpose paints (thermo-stable, chemically inert, proof to radiation etc)

Any type of paints/enamels for metal surface

Project overview

Project duration - 2 months - "turnkey" (equipment logistics time is not included)

Project output:

Сcompletely running production plant

10 tons of paint in stock ready for sale

2-3 engineers are trained to run the facility

Technology map and engineering documentation is provided

Project cost: 80.000 USD.

Production cost of paints by our technology: 2.5-5 USD/ kg (more than 100 types of paints)

Average market price for similar paints: 10-18 USD

Project Milestones

1. Choosing the most appropriate paint / enamel type according to customers' demand and purpose. Drafting specifications and technological map for production of the chosen paint / enamel.

2. Evaluation of premises, rooms and infrastructure for future plant. Construction and preparation works.

3. Equipment supply and installation. Integration of parts into production line. Drafting working procedure documentation.

4. Procurement of raw materials.

5. Production of 10 tons of the chosen paint / enamel and depositing in stock.

6. Training personnel to run the facility.

Post-project support

1. Post-project consultation regarding application of paints, technological aspects of industrial coating approaches. Technical support of the plant and periodic maintenance upon request.

2. By request from the customer, production of additional paint types can be launched on the plant. Additional lines can be created in order to extend the assortment.

Cost breakd Cost breakd (price in usd)

Expenses for travel of our specialists and their accommodation at place are NOT included in the turnkey project cost and must be negotiated separately.

Key Equipment (price in USD)

To be supplied from local providers at place, or from foreign companies

Example Raw Materials list (epoxy type paint)

Commercial aspect (simplified*)

• Turnkey project duration - 2 months

• CAPEX + OPEX for 10 tons of paint = 80.000 USD

• Market price of 1 kg on average: 13 USD

• Revenue from initial project: 13 x 10.000 = 130.000 USD

ROIarith = (130.000 - 80.000) / 80.000 = 0,63 (63%)

Capacity of the plant - up to 600 tons per year

* Detailed financial model based on discounted cash flows can be provided after initial negotiations with the customer

Independent Lab Tests

1. Resistance to impact test

2. Adhesion test

3. Scratching test

Epoxy paint samples, produced by our technology

Quality Guarantee

Proprietary technology and know-how (30+ author certificates)

20+ years experience in developing paints and enamels

Several successful turnkey projects

Technology based on former USSR government standards.

Developing coating systems

2-3-layer systems

Multi-layer systems

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We would welcome your help in editing English pages on our site.