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14. The composition of factory work.

1. Metal case.

This included a metal corps, add-ins, cabins, all the foundations under the main and auxiliary machinery and equipment, as part of the tank corps, the main bulkheads, bulkheads and partitions light, solid ballast and keel. According to our tradition of designing n. 1 called "naked body". Separately installed ladders of all kinds and privarnye step

2. Insulation and construction.

3. Equipment of premises.

4. Efficient things (60 tons).

5. The main engine, the engine room equipment and systems.

6. Ship equipment (40 tons).

7. Pipelines (45 tons).

These include all the pipelines of all systems (fire, drainage, drinking water, cold and hot water, seawater, sewage, fuel, oil, water cooling, of refrigeration, etc.) and all their equipment (pumps, compressors fittings and so on, etc.).

8. Air conditioning and ventilation.

9. Electrical equipment (50 tons).

These include energy sources: diesel generators, batteries, converters rotating and static, emergency diesel generators, transformers, cables, and details of their fastening, the entire lighting and other fittings, switchboards, starters, spotlights, flashing lights, etc.

10. Navigation equipment.

11. Paint and coating (weight 45 tons).

Besides its own all kinds of paint (primer, putty, underwater antifouling paint layers) also includes all kinds of decks and flooring - ceramic tile, linoleum, wood lining the and vibration absorption mastic, etc.

12. Supply.

13. Spare parts.

14. The mast and rigging.

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