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3. Rationale. Ideology and Strategy.

A great maritime nation to the shame had less than yachts in a small Amsterdam. Future Sailors passed his training in the dinghy and sailing ships of foreign construction. The state itself has not built a sail training ships for more than 130 years.

At the same time, the shipbuilding industry has made almost everything possible at the time of the pots to aircraft carriers. So, Scientific and Production Association "Quantum" Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry of the USSR, which was originated the initiative group, created a modern radar systems, weapons, active and passive optical counter sea-based. Only the preservation of these weapons in land use have made it impossible even to see the enemy in the direction of our country, not to mention the decision to fight on our territory.

At the presentation of the Centre of the Ministry of Yachts building Shipbuilding Industry of the USSR and the Program "WIND OF CHANGE" in the hall Nakhimov Naval Academy in Leningrad it was presented and approved strategy for the development of a new industry sub-sectors:

- The main consumer of the new sub-sectors of shipbuilding should be to the younger generation;

- A new sub-sector should be self-sufficient;

- Means of training and recreational sailing - primary production facilities;

- Yachts must be carried on the conveyors, like cars;

- Filling of the internal market should be accompanied by the expansion of the external market;

- the flagship of the program "WIND OF CHANGE" should be a sailing ship barquentine own construction for circumnavigation of international campaigns under the UN flag and the state.

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