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8. Barite technology without evaporating selection sugars.

Barite technology without evaporating selection of sugars used in the US and Europe from 1838 to the middle of the last century. Sugar production for this technology has been terminated due to the high cost of thermal regeneration process barium hydroxide. New technology regeneration barium hydroxide without thermal process allows you to make this technology economically beneficial.

We can offer a more profitable chemical regeneration method of barium. Thus it is possible change the quality of technological chains:

- Apply machining shavings for ozonation of sugar beet raw juice, which in its turn facilitate and lighten filterability reduce consumption of lime juice and for cleaning the fuel cost for this is 75 times or more;

- No diffusion juice evaporated from 15-16% to 65% dry matter, and expose its processing with barium hydroxide to precipitate saccharate separation barium solution and separating the non-sugars, is not without destruction of the structure of non-sugars (6.5-7.5 m3 per 1 t sugar) with further production of these marketable products;

- Cease the dumping of sugar (about 2%) in the composition of the waste production - of molasses (molasses);

- Establish recycling non-sugars into useful organic compounds for the food industry, cosmetics and pharmacy (about 2.8 tons / day).

Except energy carriers savings, selected organic acids give additional economic benefit.

Our barite technology eliminates the technological operations of processing the green and of molasses (molasses), can be applicable to the process and processing operation with the exception of green syrup of processing of molasses.

Production cheaper sugar syrup will allow no residue and crystallizing it into sugar, apply it on the candy factory, eliminating breeding operation sugar water.

Production cheaper sugar syrup will develop the new product - sugar syrup with fruit juices, bottled in beakers with a drink from the siphon.

Without the use of evaporation technology of sugar syrup on the production of cane sugar will make it even cheaper, open a "second wind" for the production of alcohol as a cheap fuel additive.

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