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11. Technical characteristics of the training ship.

Training ship designed for the passage of maritime practice young sailors, has a limited comfort and high driving performance. Students number of 48 people on board are placed in the cabin. The total number of the crew - 22 people the number of guests - 2.

Vessel type - sea, metal, Two deck, sailing and motor barquentine.

Navigation area unlimited at positive temperatures of air and water.

Insubmersibility - at flooding of any one compartment.

Automatic control of the vessel, provides exploitation of engine rooms without constant watch.

Protecting the environment from pollution is provided with application without torrential system reception fuel and oil collection and storage of bilge, waste of household water and debris separator bilge water with a purity of 15 h / mn., and the presence of the alarm stop the discharge of oily water overboard in case the presence of oil more than 15 h / mn., the installation for cleaning and disinfection of waste and household water capacity of 8 m3 / day, the furnace for incineration capacity up to 10 kg / h. Reception of liquid ballast and oil tanks of oil reserves are not provided on the vessel.

Stability of a vessel with sails aloft and doomed gikah conforms to the rules USSR Register for all cases of loading - for unrestricted navigation area (with no icing).

Full environmental safety vessel.

Stability of a the ship under sail ensured by with:

- More sail area - 6 points;

- The total area of the sails - to 8 points;

- Storm sails area - up to 12 points.

A length overall (with bowsprit), m - 66.25

The length of the waterline, m - 48.475

Length Intermedia perpendiculars, m - 48.0

Width, m - 11.0

Depth to the top of the deck, m - 6.2

A precipitate smallest mark for the weight (the keel), m - 5.31

Displacement (full), t - 996

Deadweight, t - 196

Displacement (empty), t - 800


- Main - sail;

- Auxiliary - the propeller.

Sail area when armed barquentine (full / greatest / storm), m2 - 1868/2059/295

Power of auxiliary engine 6VD18 / 16AL - 2 kW - 450

Power plants:

- 2 pcs. DGR 200/750 kW - 2 * 200;

- 1 PC. DGR 50M2-9Z kW - 50;

Fuel capacity, t - 90

Speed under engine nodes - 9.4

Speed under sail (estimated), node - 14.0

Autonomy, days - 30

Distance running under the engine at a speed of 9 knots, miles - about 6000

Number of seats:

- for probationers - 48;

- for the crew - 22;

- for guests - 2.

The class of the USSR Register - KM * 1A3 (educational)

Registration number – 02160

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