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14. Utilization of carbon dioxide and the energy problem of humanity.

Developed various conceptions of disposal of carbon dioxide to obtain soda productsand mineral fertilizers for non-waste technology. This allows you to use not only carbon dioxide emitted in the form of waste production chemical, metallurgy, glass industry, production of soda, but use the carbon dioxide emitted heatengineering plants. Installation may have different performance and placed where there is waste containing carbon dioxide.

1. One of the simple and most efficient ways of recycling carbon dioxide is a glass production, combined with the production of sodium bicarbonate.

2. The combination of the production of ammonium carbonate with the production of mineral fertilizers on our technology - one of the most effective ways of recycling carbon dioxide. This method makes it possible

Amortization of soil carbon dioxide is a natural mechanism of regulation of its concentration in the atmosphere. This prevents the depreciation of to the greenhouse effect, which so passionately began to fight the rulers of the developed countries.

3. At the very least 3% of the waste of civilization refers to the consumption of organic waste. From the formation of this waste of humanity will not be released ever. At the same time this organic matter is quite enough to energy ensure the viability of Homo sapiens. It is a logical task


1. The practical implementation of what is written, defines the problems of energy supply of mankind and its environmental safety including and from the the greenhouse and acid and other gases as hysterical contrived a horror story that has under itself absolutely no reason.

2. No more running around through the streets, screaming about the problems and fight in hysterics expectations of Armageddon. It's time for something specific to do.

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