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10. Alumina production.

Bayer alumina production process patented in 1889. Since then, the technology improved and reached a modern level, but has a lot of problems of technological, economic and environmental nature.

One of the problems is the cleaning industrial autoclaves of sodium aluminosilicate, calcium compounds, titanium and others. We can offer a new way of cleaning Equipment and Batteries autoclaves.

When only part of the decomposition of sodium aluminate goes into aluminum hydroxide. Remaining amount of (mother solution) is supplied to the soda evaporation for selection.

After separation of the soda solution containing sodium aluminate and alkali, and has negotiable solution.

Education in the technological process and the presence of soda in the mother liquor of organic impurities compels today by evaporation to separate the "the redhead soda" was calcined it at 6500C from organics and further causticized to give a solution of alkali and "white mud" (WM).

We can offer a new way, excludes the formation of "white mud", excluding the shaft kiln calcination of limestone and lime milk preparation plot, saving energy.

We can offer a new way of processing has already accumulated "white mud" with the return of aluminum and getting cheap commercial calcium chloride.

When processing the raw material with an alkali to obtain sodium aluminate and insoluble silicon oxide and the product obtained is reacted with sodium aluminate to form sodium aluminate, silicon and alkali (Na2O*Al2O3*1,7SiO2*2H2O + 2NaOH). This compound is precipitated, forming a very expensive waste product containing the desired raw materials aluminum, technological raw materials - alkali concentrate macro- microelements and REE. 

FIG. 3. Place of bottling of red mud (about 2 million m3) in Hungary.


FIG. 4. Place sludge storage dam (about 2 million. M3) in Hungary.


Thus, in the production of alumina generated "red mud" (RM) hydroaluminosilicates containing ferrous hydroxide, titanium oxide, alkali and other contaminants. We can offer a new advantageous method for processing "red mud". Storage of waste production of "red mud" is fraught with spills, dust, air and soil and groundwater.

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