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4.2. The priorities Project proposals «ECOPROFIT».


Priority Project proposals (tasks and sections) «ECOPROFIT» for search of partners and consideration of possible participation in the program "Horizon 2020" consists of a solution of organizational, scientific and organizational general level of scientific and applied problems of implementation of technology start-up package for proposals Program «ECOPROFIT».

Organizational and scientific and organizational tasks of the overall level aim to create the structure of the Program «ECOPROFIT» and its integration into the international community. This is a blocks bringing people together for the fate of the planet Earth on the basis of a new ideology of "ecology - it is profitable".

Scientific and applied problems of implementation of technologies start-up package. Implementation of technologies in genuine everyday life of people to accomplish a secure of existence of ecological, of socio well-being and decent life.

The list of the start (initial only) package of project proposals (tasks) next


1. The organizational tasks the general level.

2. Sci-organizational task overall level.

3. Scientific and technology implementation tasks application start-up package.

3.1. The production of chlorine chemical method (PCCM).

3.2. Production of sugar beet (PSB).

3.3. Titanium production (TP).

3.4. New method for processing of brines (NMPB).

3.5. Alumina production (AP).

3.6. Production of manganese dioxide (PMD).

3.7. Phosphogypsum processing (FP).

3.8. Waste-free production of soda ash (WFPS).

3.9. Production of soda ash in glass production (PS in GP).

3.10. Recycling of waste sulfuric acid (RWSA).

3.11. The energy and ensure viability of new technological processes (EEV of NTP).

This starter pack is divided into project proposals technological processes - cooperation projects within the framework including and Programme "Horizon 2020".

Combining these projects gives a new environmental and economic quality of the strategic level - the first step towards the harmonious coexistence of nature and mankind.

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We would welcome your help in editing English pages on our site.

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