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8. Indicators of the cost of construction of vessels.

The initiative development "Marlin 5500" project was launched by the Centre ship in 1990. Technical project 02160, the calculation of labor intensity and cost of the work was made in 1991 in USSR rubles.

The technical design is made in the amount of the technical design 02160.360060.001 Sheets of TP documentation (58 pp.).

The document "vessel cost (approximate calculation) 02160.360060.011 PP" (179 pp.) determined the main economic parameters of construction training ships series. Growth in the value of vessels defined in the calculations, compared to 1990 is due to additional costs:

- Improving of regulatory margin to 25% (almost twice);

- The growth of payments to social insurance to 37% instead of 18.2%;

- The introduction a the new commercial in September 1990 rate coating import deliveries of;

- The introduction a 5% deduction from cost price of to create a of centralized fund Of scientific-research and development work;

- The rise in prices and tariffs from 01.01.1991 y .;

- Increased costs due to increased tonnage vessel.

Cost of purchased foreign production is calculated in US dollars. We fully understand that the USSR rubles no longer exists, purchased foreign production should already be substituted and have new value, but 1991 calculations indicate the range and proportion, the time required, which can be for a new assessed and taken into account. It is important to understand that the material settlement of technological process the corps is the base, and it can be relatively easy to be adapted to the norms of modern construction and the cost of using the of transferable table, the cost of standard-time of technological operations, materials and equipment. In any event, such a check and correction of the value of the product is always shipbuilding plant and is the basis of the analysis of the order to the signing the contract for the construction of the vessel.

The planned 1990 indicators, the construction of ships Series: the main thing - the training ship; 3 cruise ships.

* The technical design of the main vessel worth 550 thousand. Rubles have already been executed by the Center yacht building "Sailex" and is its contribution to the project, but it needs to be tested, adaptation and interpretation of modern design conditions. Therefore, in these works is allocated additional time in the amount of three months and funds in the amount of about $ 30 thousand.

** Maintenance and supervision of the the lead vessel and the first vessel of the series considered as part of the technical work and working design of 3% of the cost of building ships.

In the course of time and the economic situation of the cost of materials and components, currency costs changed significantly.

In modern conditions shipbuilding large part working design is given to the factory Central Design Bureau. Given this norm, detailed design has not been to the final determination of the plant - the contractor.

Designing on the plan is carried out in parallel with the construction of ships. Shipbuilding carried a series of parallel downloading of all technological areas. This procedure determines the total Project completion period not as a sum of terms of works for each vessel, but as a term of technological process, composed of serial and parallel operations. In our case, such period shall be calculated Factory - by the contractor and be about 3-4 years.

Design of the main training ship conducted during large changes. Began designing, when the US dollar was worth 0.67 rubles.

In November 1990, Gorbachev's decree was introduced commercial dollar exchange rate, which stood at 1.8 rubles per US dollar.

In April 1991 Currency Exchange State Bank USSR was opened, which was formed exchange rate. In late 1991, it was possible to stand in line and buy the dollar to 27.5 rubles, and sell for 40-50. This speculation is over quickly, and the dollar continued its rapid growth, and the ruble - depreciation. In Ukraine, appeared coupons, and later hryvnia.

Cost of works and services in 1991 in the USSR was very low, lower than the European 5-10 times. The cost of materials - less than 2-3 times. This results in an extremely cost-effectiveness of shipbuilding and further export of vessels or their exploitation abroad and in international territorial waters.

According to the document "vessel Cost of (approximate calculation) 02160.360060.011 P P 'wholesale price and the full cost price for a series of vessels is set at:

- of the leading ship - 19010 (15 208.7) thousand rubles;

- 2nd - 13 690 (10 952.3) thousand rubles;

- 3rd - 13 280 (10 624.6) thousand rubles;

- 4th - 13010 (10 408.4) thousand rubles.

Alternative calculations showed the possibility of building the ship at his own expense for the amount of approximately $ 5 million, at the time when the $ 15 million might be the smallest market price.

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