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3. Horizontal initiative "Horizon 2020".

«Horizon 2020" is divided into three components and is complemented by horizontal initiatives to disseminate best practices and increase participation.

* We only stressed initiatives to which we now offer Project themes.

Component 1: Advanced science

Funding under this component will be allocated for:

• Scientific cooperation with purpose of search new and promising areas of research through support of future technologies (FET)

Component 2: Leadership in the industry.

Leadership in industrial technology with support for:

• ICT, nanotechnology,

• New materials,

• Biotechnology,

• New manufacturing processes,

And also support for combining several key technologies to obtain better results, access to risk finance and innovation in SMEs.

Component 3: The answer to the social challenges

Approximately 31 billion euros allocated for the solution of social problems in Europe, such as environmental protection and climate change, sustainable transport and mobility, development of renewable energy, cleaning food products, battle the aging problem population.

Funding will be provided the following priorities:

• Health, demographic change and wellbeing;

• Food security, sustainable agriculture, water management, forestry, research of water (including drinking water), bioeconomy;

• Secure, clean and efficient energy;

• Smart, green and integrated transport;

• Environment, climate, resource efficiency and raw materials;

Europe in a changing world - an innovative and intelligent society;

• Secure the society - the protection of freedom and security of Europe and its people;

• Science in society;

• Spread of excellence and increased participation.

Research under the program "Non-nuclear research General research center" run horizontally in all directions, in order to provide scientific and technical support for EU policies.

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