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1. The current situation and the proposed concept.

In the world of nature and people created a huge number of natural and man-made deposits, which have different combinations of components. The action of natural deposits in the surrounding habitat basically stable in itself harmful effects almost does not produce, but the technological deposits as food of processing of natural deposits have a negative impact on living nature and the existence in the first place - a man.

The location of the technogenic waste - habitat - land, water and air. The increase in population density at the expense increasing fertility and reduce habitat leads to increased density of epidemics and needs to combat them. There is a natural replacement of industrial waste area socium that spawned this waste. Diffusion of toxic substances into the environment at the increased of population density has the effect of weapons of mass destruction, with a tendency to increase the damaging effect on the living and to a greater extent not yet born individuals.

How are purchased the blessings of civilization? From the bowels of is extracted raw materials. Raw enriched, is processed and converted into an intermediate product (goods), or - semi-finished ("mature product"). By "mature products" we mean products that are the result of primary processing of raw materials (minerals) or Technological waste products for the manufacture of primary materials for the industrial, municipal and agricultural. For example, to "mature products" chemical industry can be attributed salts, gases, acids, alkalis and others. In the process of annual production of billions of tons of "mature products" humanity produces ten times more waste products which form technological field.

In an effort to provide a civilized way of life, we continue to extract fossils to produce "mature product", produce waste, produce goods production and consumption, produce waste.

At the same time, it was overlooked a lot of obvious combinations of technological production. New combinations at their invention have given reason to conclude about the possibility of "mature products" at lower cost and without the formation of technogenic waste, transform already started by technological waste into secondary raw material base, recycle waste production and consumption without creating new waste.

The authors, on the basis of a sufficiently large of experience in various industries, found an opportunity to obtaining new technological chains of a new quality and showed that instead of producing many types of waste, can to produce useful products.

Given the fact that each position of commodity products is made tens of millions of tons per year, then it is about macroeconomics and strategic approach to changing technologies. Small shifts in the market of "mature products" leads to a fundamental redistribution of market consumption. Production technology "mature products" chemical industry - a unique new, energy-saving, waste-free and the cheapest.

This technology:

- Production of "mature products" (without chlorine electrolysis, alkali, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine-free fertilizers, manganese of oxide and carbonate ores, titanium dioxide, alumina, sugar, etc.);

- Waste production "mature products" (carbon dioxide, pickles, "red" and "white" sludge, phosphogypsum) - converting them into raw material base.

Technological conversion specified of production processes apply in the existing industry separately, but are unable to solve environmental problems. We have offered them new combinations (our "know-how").

Ideology developed the concept of "Technology of production of" mature products "is for a new approach to production, which provides:

- Extraction of the target component from fossil raw materials supplementing the downstream processing of waste to produce marketable products;

- Replacement of the existing technological processes more favorable by reducing power inputs, consumption of materials, logistics;

- The use of already existing man-made deposits as a source of raw materials to the surface of the already extracted raw materials;

- Preservation of rare and irreplaceable raw materials;

- Cessation of the production waste and contamination of the environment;

- The elimination of possibility of occurrence man-made disasters in the chemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries;

- Additional revenues from production of goods of associated significantly higher than the income from the production of the desired product.

This is the position of commodity products produced tens of millions of tons per year. Even additional $ 100 per ton in a single country will bring a substantial income from the sale of additional GDP. Since there is no country that would not have regard to the proposed technology, the overall macroeconomic effect is difficult to estimate. Environmental same effect is can not be overemphasized.

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