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15. Priority.

Presented a brief overview of subjects development provides a basis for the existence and development of the concept of "technology of" mature products ". We do not create anything supernatural. We only show a new look at things and processes, which have all become accustomed to such an extent that it is not possible to to notice this good money.

New technologies are the result of generalization of a number of technical know-how, inventions and know-how in the composition of the invention (together - Inventions), which were displayed in a number of working papers JSC "SBI" patents authors, statements and prepared statements for patents of Ukraine.

Description of the invention have a framework character, - substantiate the feasibility of new processes, technologies and describe the structure of a sequence of actions, but do not give the full parameters known to the authors perform a process called "know-how". During the development phase of initial data for the design documentation is supplemented by characteristics of processes written statements to the patenting of embedded technologies in the national agencies in different countries, or new application procedure Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Technology, briefly described above, the authors referred to as base. They should provide for additional income from the change and the use of new technological schemes, savings processes, fuel, logistics, energy resources, purchased, raw materials, production costs and waste, their content, the capitalization of the company. Basic technologies based on waste industrial processes (technological updating) on industrial equipment, have counterparts hardware software process used at the time of the underlying technology. The efficiency of the underlying technology is evident on the principle of adding obvious technological processes.

Embedded technology provides the basic technology, the use of new, more effective way of carrying out the reactions technological processes, new equipment, which increases the speed of the process, reduces the cost of manufacture and maintenance of equipment saves its exploitation and production in comparison with the traditionally used equipment.

 The team of authors is ready to proceed to the development of new technologies and Nested fundamentally new reactors that provide described and prepared to describe the new energy-saving non-waste production technology "mature products".

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