Phosphogypsum is a waste from the production of phosphorus fertilizers, without which the existence of people is impossible. This care takes up vast territories, its impurities (including radioactive ones) seep into the soil and are carried with dust, harm on the environment and human health.
The planet of this waste alone has accumulated more than 4.5 billion tons.
Further annual accumulation of phosphogypsum is about 250 million tons per year.
We have invented a technology that allows us to get rid of man-made deposits and not to accumulate phosphogypsum waste in the future.
Unlike all methods of phosphogypsum utilization existing in the world, our technology, in addition to a significant environmental effect, will provide significant economic benefits not only to states, but also to every family.
On a daily basis, the media worries us about consumer waste, which actually only accounts for 3% of the world's waste. But the danger of an environmental catastrophe is much greater, because 97% of hazardous production wastes are outside our attention.
This technology is only the “first sign”.
We know how to free the world not only from production waste, but also from consumption by almost 100% and at the same time obtain significant economic benefits.
The two-year stage of the PROJECT worth € 2.5 million is the certification of technology that will allow the conversion of industrial waste into secondary raw materials with significant capitalization on the balance sheet of the enterprise. It is the success of this stage that determines the success of the further development of the PROJECT, the payment of significant dividends to depositors.

We hope for you and believe in the positive start of a new era of technology, which will remove the burden of the threat of death from an environmental disaster from the shoulders of society.
The plan of contributions and incomes of the crowds financing is as follows.
2 years - the minimum term of the deposit. The depositor will receive 2 times more per unit of funds.
Extension of the term of the deposit for each subsequent year will increase the income by 1 (one) unit.
5 years. The depositor will receive 10 times more per unit of funds.
Extension of the term of the deposit for each subsequent year will increase the income by 1 (one) unit.
20 years is the maximum term of the deposit.
€ 0.09 million is the minimum threshold for starting work on the project.
€ 2.5 million - minimum cost of 2 years of the PROJECT.
€ 50 million - the total planned funding for 5 years of the PROJECT.
We do not build pyramid schemes, but we encourage primary fundraising with a 10% premium.
Fill in the form,
contribute to the Project:

Charitable organization "RESOURCE FUND",
Code 42065919, account UA983005280000026008455087069 (hryvnia),
AT “OTP BANK”, Ukraine, 01033, Kyiv, 43 Zhylyanska Street.
Ident. USREOU code 21685166
MFI 300528,
Appointment: Crowdinvesting, «ENLIGHTENMENT» PROJECT

* we recommend making payments without bank commission from a monobank /  Universal Bank card

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