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2. Aerodisperse Systems Laboratory.

Since 1960 till 1996 there was Aerodisperse Systems Laboratory in Ukraine conducting scientific and practical work on following subjects:

- weather modification;

- effective methods and means of fire extinguishing;

- blasts suppression of various objects in different conditions.

Variety of production equipment as well as application aerosol-forming reagents were developed. Positive results of field industrial trials were obtained on each of the mentioned areas.

2.1. Complex of equipment for weather modification.

Complexes for land, water and air application were designed for:

- dissipation of mist hovering in the sea ports and coastal airports;

- dissipation of warm and/or super-cooled fog in different climatic conditions;

- cloud seeding: initiation or prevention of precipitation, increasing of precipitation over dry regions in winter time, defining and using of suitable conditions in the atmosphere for extinguishing forest fire;

- creation of artificial high clouds;

- anti-hail infrastructure developing;

- dissipation of depressants of water evaporation from the surface of reservoir;

- spraying of fertilizers, plant growth activators, pesticides, insecticides and other reagents for agricultural and forestry operations.

2.2. Complex of equipment for extinguishing fires in opened areas.

The complex was designed for the ground, water and air performance. Fire was extinguished at small areas of hundreds square meters, and over large areas (forests).

2.3Complex of equipment for extinguishing fires in closed spaces.

Fire extinguishing was designed for mine workings, hangars, tankers, oil and gas chisel installations, nuclear power plants, chemical plants and nuclear power, etc.

2.4. Means of inactivating and explosion suppression of methane/dust mixtures in mine workings with drilling and blasting operations.

Means were designed in 4 of application options:

1) Ductile material for tamping blast holes;

2) Granular material for tamping of wells;

3) Packetized powders for aerosol screens;

4) Automatized system for explosion suppression.

Means provided reliable, active and long-lasting anti-explosion cloud at the bottom hole space, provided reliable pre-deactivation of explosive atmospheres and dust control. All materials provided explosion delay from 0.5 seconds till 200 seconds and more, that all owe done to expand time range for electro-detonators for more effective and cost efficient destruction of rocks. Developed materials also improved sanitary conditions of the working area.

2.5. Self-activating aerosol compositions for extinguishing fires.

Developed materials were used for fire extinguishing of oil and gas wells without using heavy machinery and additional personnel.

2.6. Means of protection from combustion during drilling and blasting mining of sulfur.

Developed materials were used to patronize slaughtering materials to prevent sulphur combustion during explosions.

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