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The project section "3.1. The production of chlorine by chemical means "is proposed to introduce" a complex low-temperature method of recycling of inorganic of chlorides "(hereinafter - MRIC), whose essence is the separation of chlorine gas from the compounds with the addition of inorganic of chlorides in the reaction of the acid in the presence of manganese dioxide. Further technology: as trademarks products are distinguished mineral fertilizers (metal salts of reaction with the corresponding acids) and manganese compounds (carbonates, sulfates and / or phosphates) are treated with manganese dioxide in the regeneration, or trademarks compound.

Therefore, MRIC as a multi-purpose complex technology in general, for convenience of calculation, we have conditionally is divided into three economic and technological blocks:

1. The production and use of cheap (of associated without electrolysis) of chlorine (Sec. 3.1 of project proposals).

2. Recycling of waste sulfuric acid from the production of mineral fertilizers, chlorine and manganese dioxide.

3. Production of manganese dioxide and the production of mineral fertilizers (Sec. 3.1 of project proposals).

If expenses of processing of the manganese-containing raw materials for the production of chlorine-free attributed fertilizer, the additional income by of associated of production compounds of manganese and manganese dioxide of high quality almost out any waste production, where the manganese content has a few percent, will be a bonus, perhaps sometimes more of the desired product.

The method makes good use not only the poor manganese ore, multi-million (m) rich ferromanganese compounds as waste products, but also carbonate ores, which are only in Ukraine, 42% of world reserves and is still not used adequately.

Confiscation of from the process of chemically pure manganese turnover gives an added income of $ 1300-2000 per ton. The general concept of production manganese dioxide (hereinafter - PMD). Environmental impact on environment and energy costs. Competitive environment. Market and its prospects. Ecological and technological assessment of the direction of modernization PMD. Development of baseline data for the design, development of the reactor equipment technological conversion (process) using MRIC:

…………………. Calculation of profitability from development ore with low content of manganese, waste of production of manganese carbonate and manganese raw materials on the basis of MRIC. Collection and elaboration baseline data for the design of complex new technologies for the production of manganese dioxide using MRIC in general.

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