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Join us.Take part in the Program. The titanium production (TP).

The titanium production considered in the volume production of titanium dioxide and titanium sponge.

It is proposed to introduce a "low-temperature integrated process of recycling of inorganic of chlorides" (hereinafter - MRIC) to of titanium production. The method will return chlorine from waste producing of titanium tetrachloride, to save fuel, reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere, will give an additional income from the of associated production of mineral fertilizers. The general concept of production titanium (hereinafter - TP). Environmental impact on environment and energy costs. Competitive environment. Market and its prospects. Environmental and technological assessment of the direction of of modernization of production of titanium on the basis of MRIC. Development of baseline data for the design, development of the reactor equipment technological conversion (the process):

……………………. Collection and elaboration baseline data for the design of of titanium production with the use of MRIC.

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Join us.Take part in the Program.

We would welcome your help in editing English pages on our site.

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