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12. Production of chlorine-free fertilizers.

Production base - a universal method for processing of inorganic chlorides. Waste-free production of virtually all complex mineral fertilizers with a predetermined ratio of N: P: K, macro- and micro-additives is organized in simple chemical reactors. Manufacture of fertilizers can be produced on small plants in liquid form, and to locate production close to consumption of fertilizers (150-300 km on the principle of location of enterprises Selkhozkhimia in the Soviet Union)by allowing a completely other to organize the provision of agricultural producers with cheap and effective fertilizers.

Chlorine is transformed into hydrogen chloride, can be used for processing limestone, chalk, dolomite to obtain calcium chloride, magnesium and mixtures thereof. Calcium chloride is produced in large quantities at low cost can be used for arranging rural roads.

One example is the introduction of technology work of a pilot plant for the production of potassium nitrate at JSC "DneprAZOT."

We can offer the technology of production of complex mineral fertilizers such as adducts with neutral physiological properties of prolonged action. These fertilizers are more efficient and cheaper counterparts.

In the presence of almost free of chlorine, we can offer an effective technology to produce cheaper sodium hypochlorite for use in sanitary and industrial purposes.

We can offer a number of developed biological additives and plant growth regulators, which in their own or their complex application with mineral fertilizers at an additional cost of $ 5 per hectare of crops, crop growth can provide more than 20% for all without exception agricultural crops.

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