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9. Operating the of the leading ship. Costs and revenue.

For further calculations with a big assumption will take exchange rate of the ruble in 1990, the US dollar of 1.8.

Given that the rate of depreciation of vessels of more than 10 tons of 3.7% per year, the expected life of vessels for 27 years.

The costs of operation of the leading vessel include port charges, wages team, catering team and cadets, repair replenished property, navigation expenditure, low-value inventory and materials, diesel fuel, oil, water, etc., for a total cost of about $ 320 thousand fund 500 thousand rubles (about $ 280 thousand.) a year, a total of about $ 600 thousand.

The operating income of the training ship include amounts paid by domestic and foreign organizations for practical training young sailors.

According to with established international tariffs cost of one place cadet is $ 60 per day. Thus, the operation of vessels 10 months a year for 25 days in a month when loading 48 seats of the crewand annual proceeds will make about $ 720 thousand.

Considering the cost and the fact that the income from this type of activity in the world is not taxed, the estimated income to be about $ 120 thousand per year.

In fact, there will be additional revenues from advertising and sponsorship, there will be additional costs for replenishment, repair and restoration of the ship, drydocking.

Important to understand that since the passage of sea trials training ship will live by its a training program and will be self-sufficient.

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