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Join us.Take part in the Program. of soda ash in glass production (PS in GP).

The largest expenditure in the manufacture of glass are: soda ash - about 23%; gas - about 30%.

The world market of primary glass is about $ 13 billion in the year. Including soda ash is about 3.12 million tons (0.24 tones per tone of glass). In view of reducing costs on the profitability of enterprises of traditional producers of soda, logistics costs, greater effectiveness of its new free production, excluding additional revenues through the production of soda for sale and of production additional of associated commodity product, the minimum income is the new glass production for the world market may be 25 % from $ 3.25 billion annually.

Waste-free technology of production of soda ash provides a cheaper soda own production.

Together with the additional income of glass production of enterprises reduced production technogenic waste production of soda only at 10% surge of calcium chloride for more than 31.2 million m3 per year (10 m3 per tonne of soda), without taking into account the solid and gas (carbon dioxide and other harmful gases) production wastes of milk of lime, considerably decrease the costs of fuel for the production of soda ash. The general concept of production soda ash in glass production (hereinafter - PS in GP). Environmental impact on environment and energy costs. Competitive environment. Market and its prospects. Collection and elaboration of baseline data for the design technology of the PS in GP as a whole.

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We would welcome your help in editing English pages on our site. 

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