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3. Historical information about the attempts of recycling brine Dombrowski career.

1. Institute Halurgy Kalush for decades were searching cost effective technology for the processing of potash ores.

The result of this search was the formation of technogenic deposits.

2. JSC "BIS" in 2001-2003 spent significant money and effort to field tests on pilot plant physical separation methods salts in the liquid stream. Work was stopped due to the illegal exemption of the object technology implementation.

Result: a big financial loss, physical destruction of equipment pilot plant.

3. 27.11.2006, the ref. Number 1-Lu JSC «SBI» proposed JSC "Lukor" for the needs of its chemical production the production of chlorine by electrolysis substitutions are processed costly electricity to produce chlorine from brine Dombrowski career along the way chemical way with the production of chlorine-free fertilizers. Letter and phone calls went unanswered.

Result. Currently JSC "Lukor" having spent millions of dollars to install equipment for the production of chlorine of electrolysis.

Technology of production of chlorine as a fragment of technology in the production of potassium nitrate for many years worked on the pilot plant of "DneprAzot» (http://www.madeinua.info/).

Process of allocating chlorine confirmed. In view of the authors of circumvent technology, the management company did not succeed in the production process is completely regenerated mediator.

The result, according to the former deputy chairman of the board, the technical director of "DneprAzot" B.K. Morohovskiy: "The technology is designed and constructed pilot plant for the production of potassium nitrate - chlorine-free, potassium-nitrogen fertilizer. Technology has no analogues in the world and is in the direct synthesis of potassium nitrate and chlorine gas from potassium chloride ... "

We registered a number of patents, which are methods for producing chlorine from inorganic chlorides.

4. Bankrupt enterprise JSC "Oriana" since 2003 at public expense with costs of millions of hryvnia annually are monitoring the situation and "disposed of", pumping them in mine waste.

Brine in mines increases the flow rate of groundwater surface, followed by washing the soil, leading to landslides and soil surface shifts.

The result, according to the Mayor Igor Nasalika: "... in a crater the size of a football field and a depth of 25 m". Menacing condition is number 2 on the tailing-Golinskaya Kalush potash deposit, which contains over 10 million cubic meters of waste, where as a result of of atmospheric precipitation is rapidly increasing level of highly concentrated brine potash. Recently there has been filtering them through the thickness of the dam, which leads to its accelerated destruction, and therefore increase the risk of sudden outpouring of the brine, which would lead to destruction of adjacent industrial facilities, housing. ""... A violation of the integrity of the dam - a matter of time." "With her breakout will be destroyed about 6 chemical enterprises and residential area of the city."

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