Transfer of technologies

International scientific and technological Program 


Participation and project proposals.

At the start of the Program, we decide about publication of the proposed on the basis of direct interviews without the formalization of technological profiles, classification and search system.

Issues of economic, ecological and technological expertise, of property rights at this stage (without the presence of the corresponding staff) we carry over beyond the limits of consideration of the site. Responsibility for the result of the use of the offer is the sole responsibility of the contracting parties: offer and request - the seller and buyer.

Project proposals.

1. Functional Materials and Coatings.

1.1. Small-medium Capacity Plant for Producing Industrial Paints and Coatings turnkey project

1.2. Coatings. 

1.2.1. Anti-icing Coatings. 

1.2.2. Conductive Coatings. 

1.2.3. Radiation-resistant Coatings. 

1.2.4. Fire Retardant, Intumescent Coatings. 

1.2.5. Chemically- and Abrasion-resistant Coatings. 

1.2.6. Liquid Rubber. 

1.2.7. Pavement Paints. 

2. Aerodisperse Systems Laboratory.

2.1. Complex of equipment for weather modification.

2.2. Complex of equipment for extinguishing fires in opened areas.

2.3. Complex of equipment for extinguishing fires in closed spaces.

2.4. Means of inactivating and explosion suppression of methane/dust mixtures in mine workings with drilling and blasting operations.

2.5. Self-activating aerosol compositions for extinguishing fires.

2.6. Means of protection from combustion during drilling and blasting mining of sulfur.

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