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A PUBLIC, connection and bilateral agreements.

The Program is represented by its head on the site pages declares the conditions of work Programs, policies representation of interests, co-operation and confidentiality.

By definition, the existing legislation for the Program and the participants crowdinvesting a cash contribution of the Program are based on the principle of public contracts and a contract of adhesion for which the obligations published on site pages, can not be changed by the applicant (the Program) and the persons who have joined (donate money) Program is not may change the terms of its contribution unilaterally.

When an act crowdinvesting a material (but not money) or intangible assets to the Foundation Program, performing of contract work, employment, Project and / or technical and scientific participation of major investments, tangible and / or intangible assets that require specific cooperation , rights and obligations, conditions of participation are the subject of bilateral contractual relations of the Parties to the Program.

Regardless of the method of participation in the Program, Program Manager registers each person as a member of Program under this person declared name, username and / or password, the other (by the participant) identifying information.

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Join us.Take part in the Program.

We would welcome your help in editing English pages on our site.

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