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Socialization - the complex process of assimilation of the individual certain system of knowledge, of norms and values, which allow him to be a full member of society.

We understand the process of socialization and as a man realizing of their place, the significance of the world and society, its purpose and the way - life. From as far as will be coincide goals and objectives of people will depend on the overall success - appropriate understanding and, therefore, from freedom the personal happiness and fulfillment.

Socialization we are considering inseparable from the society, its historical past, present and future.

We constantly are asking ourselves: "On what depends the present and the future? What is to do in order as to be worthy? "

The first answer that comes to mind: "To live in harmony with nature and society."

And how to do it? And what they have in common? And what it is, present and future of nature and society?

What to do?

Changing the general climatic conditions in the world, increasing the number of environmental accidents and of disasters, epidemics and diseases, a sharp decrease in liveable human of their habitat, confirms on the rapid promotion of the ecological system to "collapse" for the of biological species Homo sapiens. - The narrow interval of physical parameters fit for the human existence on the planet Earth, simply cease to exist.

The growth of world population in combination with an evolutionary increase each individual's needs individually, forms the an increase in total product of production and consumption, which on the background of an imperfect system of production, increase the formation and accumulation of waste production and consumption, which in turn reduces the habitat of Homo sapiens.

The declared human rights, including those on the lives are not provided by existing of social systems people - states. Comparison of the dynamics of approximation of universal catastrophe, the status of state-building systems and of international relations, indicates the full compliance with no need for maintenance of ecological safety measures and regulatory management policy in industrial production and social. - Development of social planetary arrangement dramatically lags behind needs retention of flimsy border between life and death of mankind.

Understanding the inevitability of such a backlog at the grassroots (the common people) level is present, but is not realized at the level of states and interstate relations. - Missing a mechanism for taking fateful decisions. Harmony organization of life of socium and nature - is absent.

We are confident that of civil society people are already have grown in its development to the state when they can use a mechanism for rapid collective decision making for your organization. Such a mechanism should be "The electronic portal of the decision-making".

Along with such database states as "Cadastre of technogenic waste ',' Technology and the production and consumption of regulations", "Energy, water, air and raw materials balance", "personified records of citizens", "The structure of the prices of goods and services of internal and external market "The electronic portal of the decision-making" should occupy a key position in making of fateful environmental solutions.

Only civil society, by controlling the state directly, in a state with the "The electronic portal of the decision-making" ensure operational control and facilities management industry and ecology. Only collective solutions operating large numbers of people and over large areas simultaneously having the force of law, can stop the rapid approximation of a global ecological catastrophe.

This is why we have focused and decisive place social projects of ecological direction.

We are confident that the creation of electronic platforms of collective use for making vital decisions, will allow society to overcome the gap of technological and social development that drives the humanity to disaster.

New Technologies of the Programme "ECOLOGY – IT IS PROFITABLE" is necessary to introduce ubiquitous and in parallel. The objects of the Program should be companies - producers of waste and technogenic deposits. Of law prudent use of of resources, control of the production for compliance with the current level of non-waste production, use and a recreation of technogenic deposits must belong primarily to civil society, and can then be delegated to the state and mixed ownership companies.

Principle of the Program, which allows combine the super-profitable and ecological purity, at the expense the equity participation of civil society (government) Projects in its The objects of (minerals, land, roads, businesses and technological fields, ...), will provide financial independence and self-sufficiency. Even the capitalization of technogenic deposits on the balance of joint ownership of enterprises, excluding revenues of industrial activity, will provide macroeconomic effect many times exceeding the budgets of many countries.

A worthy life of the people on their own land without the threat of an overhanging global catastrophe is the a harmonious existence of nature and society.

Therefore, civil society, we see the path of cooperation with the Program "ECOLOGY – IT IS PROFITABLE":

- The organization of self-government at the grassroots territorial level;

- "The electronic portal of the decision-making";

- Selecting Objects for participation in the Program;

- Receipt and distribution of income from joint ventures;

- Refinancing of the development and introducing technologies.



Author of the Program

"ECOLOGY – IT IS PROFITABLE"                     V.G. Petrochenkov

Join us.Take part in the Program.

We would welcome your help in editing English pages on our site.

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